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On September 23, 2013
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Tips for Finding International Dates

If you have been on the net looking for best international dates along with the best online dating experience (this is also known as Anastasia Experience*), then you know that some of the Russian online dating sites tend to be scams. Or if the whole site is not a scam, itself, then a lot of the profiles may be. Some of the women that you find on the webpage might or might not actually exist. How can you tell? Well, just check out some suggestions below and find out how you can know if you are checking out a real Russian dating site, or simply falling into a trap.


#1: There Should Be No or Little Money Involved

When you sign up to a site looking for those wonderful Russian girls, you should have to pay little if any money. Sites who charge you more than a marginal fee are usually scamming you out of your hard earned money. On these sites, it is more likely that the Russian women and Ukrainian girls you find are going to be fake users. Sites which request minimal fees, however, shouldn’t be confused with the ones that charge crazy fees. Minimal fees are being put towards keeping the dating site up to date to ensure that good guys like you can meet true ladies.

#2: Look at the Profiles

Before signing up to the online dating, you should get to take a look around at some of the profiles. Usually, it is only when you want to contact Russian singles that you will have to register and pay money for services. If the profiles seem false, chances are high that they actually are. Believe in your instincts. If each and every one of the Russian women are drop dead gorgeous and look like models, a red light should go on saying the site isn’t what it says it is. If the profiles have a nice mixture of Russian and Ukrainian girls who differ in looks, likes, interests, etc., then that’s your sign that the site you are visiting is an authentic one and not a scam.

#3: Have a Look at the Reviews

When you find a website for international dating which interests you, you should have a look at reviews for the site. And I don’t mean on the website only, either. Just do a quick Google search for the site and find out what others on the internet say. If the testamonials are all generally great, you should feel free to go forward in using it. If the assessments are telling you that the website is a scam, then that should be a sign for you that you need to find a different site for international courting.

#4: Have Confidence In Your Intuition

In general, one of the most important things for you to do when attempting to find a real site for Russian dating is to simply trust your intuition. If you think that a site is a scam or a profile is phony, then trust your instinct. If you believe that a site is genuine and will be a perfect place for you to meet Russian singles, then you should do it.

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Anastasia Experience – being able to connect with gorgeous women who have been verified by the dating service provider to make sure they are not scammers.