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On July 16, 2013
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This article gives you some safety tips for your first date.

Dating a woman from another country can be a fun and exciting experience. You get to date an interesting and unique person, while learning about a whole other culture. However, when you are meeting your international date for the first time, you need to be cautious. While women are often warned about staying safe when meeting up with someone they met online, men often aren’t. However, both men and women alike should take the time to follow a few safety rules, when meeting their companion for the first time on a date.

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Safety Rules to Follow when you are first Meeting your International Date

While most international dating sites verify the identities of their members, and ensure that all of their members are genuine, sometimes, untrustworthy members do sometimes make their way onto these sites. When you are meeting someone for the first time, it is always best to ensure that you exercise caution. When you are meeting your international date at a location for your first date, you need to take a few precautions. It is likely that your date will be a great, honest person, but it’s always best to be safe.

Always Meet in a Public Place

This is a simple piece of advice, but is arguably the most important safety rule. When you are meeting with someone you have never met in person before, make sure that you meet in a public place, such as a café, a museum, an art gallery, the movies, or an indoor rock climbing center. Never meet your international date in her hotel room, or in any other private place. In public places you know that you will be safe, as you are surrounded by other people.

Keep Alcohol Consumption to a Minimum

Alcohol can help you to relax and have fun, but unfortunately, alcohol can also impair your judgment, and your reflexes. Essentially, alcohol can leave you very vulnerable, and an easier target for a person looking to scam you. When you first meet your date, if you are at a place where alcohol is served, such as a restaurant, then make sure that you only have a couple of drinks. This will ensure that you have more control over the date and your own safety. Also, by not drinking too much, you will probably impress your date more too.

Always tell Someone where and when you are Meeting your Date

Another simple, yet highly effective safety measure is to tell someone else that you are meeting someone new for the first time, and where you are meeting that person. This could be your friend, a work colleague, or a member of your family, such as your brother or your mother. Telling someone when and where you are meeting your date is a great way to stay safe.

Don’t Accept Rides from your Date

If your date offers to pick you up from work, your home, or wherever you are, to take you to your date, don’t accept their offer. Be polite and say, “thanks, but I’ll make my own way to the date”, or something like that. If you have never met someone before, it is not wise to get into a car with them.

Don’t worry too much before your first date. It is most likely that your date is a kind, honest person. It is just best to take precautions to stay safe. You should always put safety first.

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