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Holger Schutt

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On November 11, 2013
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More and More Men are Dating Foreign Women - Find out Why!

More and more American men interested in dating foreign women have turned to international dating websites to meet Russian and Ukrainian girls. These girls are known for being feminine, lovely, sacrificing, and loyal and they are also sincere, merciful and really generous. Russian and Ukrainian women are fiercely adaptable and independent and they can not be controlled that easily. Russian literature and art portrays them as submissive and vulnerable but blessed with courage. Russian and Ukrainian women happen to be strongly influenced by the Orthodox church’s traditions.

These girls are well known for respecting traditional values and being family oriented. Regardless of their jobs, foreign women think that it is their responsibility to take care of their young children and their husbands. As opposed to what present American culture dictates, Russian ladies don’t follow the trend of hiring nannies. In fact, many foreign women are inclined to live with their parents late into their adult years – sometimes even if they’re married.

Dating Foreign Women

Men have to be patient when dating foreign women and getting to know them. One step too early and you could frighten your potential partner. Despite the fact that it can be difficult dating foreign women online, chatting on a dating site could possibly forge a stronger and trusting relationship considering that you will be speaking to each on the internet often. It can be much more practical and effortless to be sincere and truthful online than face to face too. The Russian and Ukrainian women you can find on the international dating sites have either gone through a divorce or are single women seeking for “the one and only”.

Keep in mind that all women, no matter where they’re from, are different. If you decide to date foreign women just because of their physical looks, you might find out one day that you have made a mistake. Keep in mind, one can be ugly on the inside too.

Not just American men are looking for their perfect matches abroad, one can find a lot of Ukrainian and Russian women seeking a partner from Europe or America too. This is because there are ten more million women in Russia than men. Also, Western guys are usually loyal, faithful, and much more devoted to their marriages than Russian men. Men from America also treat their wives with a lot more respect than Russian men do and they take a greater interest in their children. Russian guys are also known for being very demanding.

Studies show that marriages amongst foreign women and American guys are usually very productive. It has been stated, “Families of the kind where husbands are Americans and wives are from Russia/Ukraine prove to be long-living, considering that the responsibilities are often well spreaded and the family members function properly even if the family is mixed. Due to the fact each member of the family is ready to concede to each other, the family operates very well.”

True love is possible, even if it’s a long distance relationship. To make a long distance partnership work, the both of you have to work hard at it. Love is a gamble, but it will definitely pay it off in the long term, even if you have to cross half the world to find it.

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