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How to Make Sure a Hot European Woman Doesn't Lost Interest in You

How to keep a hot European woman interested

It’s possible you’ve met a hot European woman on one of the many international dating websites. You’ve been exchanging letters and she seems genuinely interested, but then she disappears and you have no idea what happened.

It’s normal that people make mistakes, but there’s a lot more at stake when it comes to European dating. Saying the wrong thing could put a stop to a wonderful relationship before it even begun. Below is a list of some of the things to pay attention to if you want to win the heart of a beautiful European woman.

1. Don’t discuss sensitive issues too early in the relationship

Anyone who has visited online dating sites knows that there are thousands of stunning and hot European women looking for love on the web. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that many men would like to move the relationship forward as soon as possible. However, bringing up sensitive topics like physical intimacy, marriage or children is definitely not the way to do it. It’s important to take the time to get to know each other properly before approaching such topics. Discussing them too early in the relationship might scare your hot European woman away.

Hot European Woman

2. Don’t stalk her on social media

With a number of social media platforms available today it’s not difficult knowing what your partner is up to. Keep in mind that just because it it simple doesn’t make it any less creepy. If your partner discovers that you’ve been keeping an eye on her every move, she might think that you’re a stalker and stop all communication with you.

3. Don’t text her a hundred times a day

Just because a woman doesn’t answer your latest text as soon as you send it doesn’t mean that you have to keep bothering her until she does. There could be a very good reason why she hasn’t gotten back to you yet. For example, she may not have daily access to her email or her busy workday may have prevented her from answering. Sending a text after another will make you seem desperate and controlling. Be patient!

4. Don’t annoy a woman who is not interested in you

European women are great at giving passive aggressive hints when they’re not interested in someone. If you write her a letter which is three pages long, but she responds with one line, that should indicate that she’s not interested in you. If a woman finds you intriguing, you’ll know.

5. Don’t talk about your previous relationships

Another mistake to avoid is constantly talking about your ex-girlfriend. If you talk positively about her, your current girlfriend may think you’re still not over her. Then again, if you say negative things about your ex, she may wonder what you have to say about her when you break up. The best thing would be to avoid this topic altogether.

It’s natural that everybody makes mistakes, so there’s no need to lose all hope. Just because one woman doesn’t want to continue her relationship with you doesn’t mean that your perfect match doesn’t exist. Just be sure to follow our guidelines and the dream of dating a hot European woman might become a reality.

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