There comes a time in any long term (or sometimes short term relationship) when thoughts of taking things to the next level start to emerge. Whether you have been together for years and it just feels right, or you are sure she is the one, and you want to put a ring on it- there is no time limit on love but there are a few things we recommend doing before you decide to make the biggest and most important commitment of your life. Read on to discover the AsianDate guide to things you should be before you start to think about proposing.


Meet Each Other’s Friends and Family

Before taking things to the next level, it is imperative that you meet each other’s friends and relatives. Not only does it show a mutual commitment to each other because you are letting your partner into your inner circle, but it will also give you insight into how they interact with the people. While everyone getting on is not a deal breaker, it would make life a lot easier, and getting an idea of this before you propose can save you a lot of trouble later on.

Go On Holiday Together

Spending an extended period in just each other’s company is an excellent way to test compatibility. Tempers can get frayed on long haul flights and differences when planning itineraries can offer you a real insight into how similar situations will be handled when you are married.

Live Together

While we know that living together before marriage is not acceptable in some cultures, we do advise a trial run beforehand if at all possible. Living together will give you a chance to see each other at your best and your worst, first thing in the morning and when one of you is sick. When you live together, there is no escape if one of you is in a bad mood and it is imperative that you put your compatibility to the test under stresses such as this.

Be 100% Sure

That may sound like an obvious one, but it is incredibly important that you are sure. And if you are confident, are you SURE you are sure? Engagement and marriage is a difficult thing to get out of if you change your mind and you risk hurting a lot of people, as well as costing you both time and money. If you have any doubts in your mind or you are not 1000% sure that this is the right decision for both you and your partner, please stop and think again before making any rash decisions.