There are aspects of every culture that add to the rich heritage of the world. Every culture has something unique to offer. For example, Greece is the home for ancient architecture, Belgium the home for amazing beer, Italy is the birthplace for pizza and so on. There is a special place in Europe that has several awesome things that stand out from the rest of the world.

1. Palaces

Russia has a long history of kings – each and everyone interested in building the most amazing place to live in. Just have a look at cities like Moscow and St Petersburg that are world famous for their glorious architectural design – the enormousness, the vastness, the beauty, the majesty.

A good example is the Peterhof Palace that is located in the town of Petergof St Petersburg. It has a nickname “the Russian Versailles”, it was built back in 1725 on the orders of Peter the Great. There are many more palaces to choose from if you visit St Petersburg and we recommend you do. It is one of the main tourist favourite spots in the world.

2. Ballet Russians

Often Russia isn’t credited for it’s art since their aggressive foreign policies dominate the news. There are many amazing Russian composers, writers, poets and producers. Russian ballet is a huge gift to the world of dance since a lot of great dancers and choreographers come from Russia. We recommend you see at least one ballet when you visit Russia.

3. Vodka

Yes, vodka. It is well known that Russians love to drink vodka and they have developed this because of their history. Vodka has always been a drink of choice and especially so in the cold Russian winters where temperatures can reach 40C degrees below zero. Vodka lights up every Russian gathering.

4. Superstitions

This may come as a surprise to you but Russians are amazingly superstitions. Most of the superstitions they have are now a part of their everyday lives. Lots of these are a believed by the majority of people. Here are a few examples:

When you get someone flowers it needs to be an odd number because even numbers are meant for funerals.
Superstitions around breaking a mirror is similar to the American understanding only in Russia you are though to have bad luck for 7 years straight if you look at yourself from a broken mirror.
Addressing any future success is frowned upon as it is seen as bad luck.

5. Gymnastics

If you have any interest in sports you are probably aware of how good Russians are at many fields. The greatest number of gold medals they have received comes from gymnastics – both men’s and women’s. Another successful fields are hockey, track and field and tennis.

A Great Country

Had you ever heard of these 5 things listed here? Did we forget something? If you have more to add then write a comment below. We’d be happy to hear from you and come back soon for more posts about Russia.