We have all been there. You have met a gorgeous woman that you would really like to get to know and eventually end up in a relationship with. But then you get these mixed signals and it is driving you crazy. Is she interested or isn’t she? This article details 5 signs that show that your Russian date is no longer interested:

1. Responses Are Delayed Russian date

You have started exchanging messages over the web and wand to communicate on a daily basis. Everything is going great at first and then you notice that she starts to respond later and later. With online dating, a week is seen as a reasonable amount of time to pass for responding to an email or an online message. That is since unlike in the Western countries the metropolitan in Russia is still developing and your interest may not be able to check her mail as often as she would like. In that case her messages would be consistent – she would respond every Friday or Monday for example.

2. Messages Are Short and Impersonal

Let’s say the woman you are talking to is consistent with her replies and texts. The next step to see if she’s interested or not is to check the content. If you are interested in someone you ask plenty of questions and show your interest. How much interest does she seem to have in you? Does she ask anything about your family and how they are doing? Is she interested in what you do on your spare time? If she doesn’t ask you much then that is a pretty obvious sign that she has little interest in you. Also if you ask her questions about her life and she is interested in you her responses would be answered very carefully.

3. The Following Dates

Let’s say after tons of emails you decide you should meet in person. After the initial meeting you ask her out for another date. This is where it can get interesting. If you notice her becoming very vague about her availability then it can be a red flag. Someone who has a serious interest in a person will make sure they are available to go out again. You may have to consider her schedule before you make up your mind that she is being evasive and isn’t interested in you. Give her some space and see if she responds well.

4. Money, Money, Money

This is a huge red flag in online dating. Scammers are out there and though the portals put great efforts into trying to keep them out, sometimes they still manage to get through. If the woman keeps asking you for things, money and for you to take her to expensive places it is suspicious. Someone who’s truly into you as a person won’t be so focused on your money. If you notice her starting to demand things from you then you should really question her motives.

HINT: Women who are truly interested in you won’t care about where you take them as long as it is nice and quiet enough for you to have meaningful conversations.

5. Fading Away

If after several dates you are still wondering if she is into you or not, then it’s probably the best to trust your gut. If your favourite Russian woman starts to respond less and less over time, then that may indicate she isn’t interested anymore. If after all the time you’ve been communicating with her you find it harder and harder to contact her then it’s most likely the right time to move on. There is no point of hanging onto something that is no longer there.