Asian women are very popular in the online dating world. They get approached all the time. They are open, friendly and inviting and you may feel as if you could discuss anything with them. However there are some topics you shouldn’t touch upon. If you haven’t done research into the Asian culture yet then this article is perfect for you. We have come up with 5 questions you shouldn’t ask Asian women online:

1. Asking if they’re too young or too old to be on an online dating site Asian Women

This should be obvious that you’re not going to ask a woman something like that. Even if you are very surprised to find a bunch of 18 year-olds on the site. Or women past the age of 50. Online dating is for everyone and even if you are curious you should always stay respectful.

2. Asking too much about their job

Asking about someone’s work is very common in the West even if you don’t really know someone but it isn’t the same in Asia. You need to spend more time in conversation before you touch on this subject. Also it is thought that all women in Asia have a very good education since they pass everyone in the top10 of best educated peoples list in the world. However that isn’t the case with everyone and this may be a touchy subject.

3. Asking about previous relationship

This is uncomfortable for Western women and a definite no-no for Asian women. This is seen as very rude and will be a deal breaker. You can touch on this issue once you’ve been going out for a while. Don’t mess things up right away.

4. Asking how much money they earn

This may seem like a harmless question. Like you’re simply wondering how much does something pay when compared to your country but you should keep from asking this. Work is very respected in Asia and people don’t put that much effort on earning as much as possible. It is important to have a good work ethic and that you have a job in the first place.

5. Asking about weird food they eat

Everything Asian may seem very exotic to you and you may have a million questions but you need to keep in mind that you’re not talking to an American girl. Don’t make a huge deal out of what she loves to eat – may it be dog or unusual seafood.

Basic Rules

Don’t be rude. That is the most important thing. You need to be much more modest with Asian women than you are with American women. Be polite and ask about general topics like movies and music, art and so on.
Once you’ve gotten to know her much more then you can move in on the more personal information.