Why turning on the TV in the bedroom is a big turn off | Eva Wiseman

Watching the television in bed is a guilty secret for many of us, but all it does is lead to less sex and more biscuits

A new study has been published that suggests kids who have televisions in their bedrooms are more likely to become obese than those without. “While our screens have become flatter, our children have become fatter,” say the researchers from University College London, their science overshadowed only slightly by the roaring pride with which they rhyme.

Few will be surprised. It is hard to be healthy, and it is easy to let the TV drag us into its beautiful death. TVs in the bedroom, even among adults, are the last guilty pleasure in a shameless world, their blue lights exposing the very worst of us, the very very worst. Bodies sprawled on a big hot bed, the only distinction between day and night whether the covers are pulled up or off. A thousand episodes of something American, talking only when the question arises of what else that actor has been in (Luther) or whether anyone’s making tea (I did it last time) and can you smell burning. The truest pleasure in 2017: a firm pillow on which to balance your plate. God, just writing the words makes me feel excited.

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Alex Vidal