Why I wrote the sex manual I’d have loved as a teenager

The Spanish YouTuber Chusita gives young people honest, down-to-earth advice on sex in her new book, This Is Not a Sex Book

At a recent book signing in Barcelona, Spanish YouTuber Chusita was approached by two parents with their teenage daughter.Although Chusita’s book is a sex guide for her teenage fans and followers, she sometimes hears from parents who thank her for writing it, and for helping them broach a difficult subject. Some have told her they’ve sat down with their teenage children and read it together. This time, though, the parents wished to thank her for a different reason.

“Loudly, in front of the whole crowd, they said they’d bought the book for their daughter, but decided to read it first to check it was OK,” says Chusita. “They then told everyone how much they loved the book and that it had rekindled their sex life. Their daughter stood beside them, completely mortified!”

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Alex Vidal