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On September 8, 2015
Last modified:December 2, 2015


Let us say that you have been online dating this wonderful woman from China for a while now. Things have gotten serious. You have visited each other, grown really close and you are contemplating asking her to marry you. It is a big decision and lots of thinking should go into making it. What are some of the key things you should figure out before you marry a Chinese woman? This article is here to help you out.

1. Time together

Chinese womanAre you sure you have spent enough time with each other? Talking online is not the same as being next to someone. Although that may be easy to forget. You need to be more realistic. Are you sure that you are comfortable with each other, that you get on as well offline as you do online, is the spark still there? It is vital to know the answers to these questions before you rush into anything.

2. The stage of the relationship

Are you on the same page when it comes to how you both view the relationship? Perhaps you are looking to get married and she is thinking that would happen five years from now. Definitely discuss all important matters beforehand. If you are looking to settle down and create a family then she needs to know about it. And you need to know that you aren’t alone in this.

3. Cultural differences

It is the sad truth that cultural differences are a huge test to international couples. Sometimes people just can’t accept something incredibly foreign to them. People are very different when it comes to reacting to new environments and new customs. Do you know how well you are able to adjust to a new culture or how able she is with the same thing? Spend more time together to understand where you are with your coping skills.

4. Facts

Communicating online may lead to more little white lies than with talking face to face. There is this general feeling in the online space that you can get away with these things. Now that you are considering marrying this person – have you told her some things, no matter how small, that are not true? Are you sure you know enough about her? Maybe it is crunch time for confessions.

5. Visa issues

Last but not least you need to be aware of any visa issues you may encounter. Plenty depends on which country do you live in or which country you will move to. You need to know about the visa rules and possible restrictions when making such a huge decision.

Think Long and Hard

This concludes our list of things you should think about prior to marrying a Chinese woman. How many answers do you have? Work through this list and hopefully one day you can make your dream of marrying someone come true.