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On August 26, 2015
Last modified:December 3, 2015


There are many different countries in Asia that have their own unique culture. However some things are still common for all of these countries and if you are heading over there to visit your Asian girlfriend then you definitely need to know what those are. Knowing what the no-no’s are is a way to avoid any embarrassment that would otherwise happen.

1. Sticking chopsticks upright in food.

Asian girlfriendThe first tip has to do with food etiquette. When you dine in the company of Asian people, remember not to stick your chopsticks upright in any food you eat. This reminds the locals the way incense are used for funerals. Chopsticks upright in food look just like a funeral practice. Asians are very cautious when it comes to anything revolving around the topic of death and the dead.
While on the topic of food – it is also considered rude to double dip. It seems like bad manners.

2. Accepting compliments.

As you have most likely noticed – Asian people are very humble and you should be the same way when you visit. When someone pays you compliment you shouldn’t simply thank them for that. You should thank the person for giving the compliment despite how undeserving of it you are. A straightforward thank you is offensive to them. It makes you look like you are full of yourself. Their way of saying thanks is very tedious but common so you need to get used to the idea.

3. Don’t point at anything.

When people take a trip they almost always go to buy souvenirs. As a word of precaution – many Asian countries view pointing your finger as a very rude gesture. When you need to point at something, instead of using the index finger, use your thumb. It is seen as the respectful thing to do and as we know: respect is hugely important for Asians. And you will also get points from your girlfriend for knowing to do this. It takes some time to get used to this but it is worth the effort.

4. Remove your shoes when entering homes.

It is very common in Asia to walk indoors without shoes. Just marching into someone’s house with your shoes on is the equivalent of someone else walking through your living room with muddy boots on. At least ask if you should do that. Some people may want you to keep them on though that is rare to happen.
This is practised in most Asian countries.


These are 4 of the most common things about Asian cultures. You should remember the tips when you go visit your Asian girlfriend.