Asia is a very popular spot among tourists. And sometimes, it happens that you can meet a special someone during your travels or you are visiting with the purpose of meeting your online dating partner for the first time. When you visit Asia, it is important that you are aware of a couple of no-no’s so you can avoid embarrassing yourself or hurting someone’s feelings.

1. Don’t stick chopsticks upright in your food.

You will be using chopsticks for most meals in Asia, so keep in mind that you shouldn’t ever stick them in food. Be it rice, dumplings, noodles or what have you. That is due to the fact that chopsticks sticking out of the bowl looks too 08a9cb9a4f8c11e2957722000a1f9a39_6much like the incense that is offered to the dead in funeral practices. Asian people have great respect for the dead so you should do more research into that topic. While on the topic of food, note that it is also considered rude to double tip.

2. Accepting compliments.

It is customary in Asia to humble yourself instead of happily accepting a compliment. When you are praised for having done a great job, you are expected to say that it wasn’t all that good and to thank the person who paid you the compliment. Thanking someone is seen as arrogant. Though tedious, it is customary to downplay the compliments people give you.

3. Pointing fingers.

Visiting a new country, people almost always buy souvenirs. A word of precaution here, many Asian countries consider pointing your finger to be very rude. Just to stay safe, instead of using your index finger to point, use your thumb. It takes some time before you get used to this practice. Think about the plus point you get if you put in effort in getting to know a new culture. Respect, after all, is the number one value in Asia.

4. When you enter someone’s home, take off your shoes. (Or ask if you should)

Asian homes are sacred for people who live there. It is seen as very rude to take shoes into someone’s home. It is like a someone visiting your home and tracking mud all over your new living room carpet. Asking to take of your shoes or just doing so is very appreciated. If you aren’t sure in some circumstances if you should do so, then simply ask because some people may prefer you keep them on.

5. Physical contact with the opposite sex.

Let’s say that you are visiting Asia either with your special someone or you are meeting them there. You are out one night and you really want to kiss them. When you do you notice people frowning at you. Especially the older folk. That happens because in Asia, most countries are still quite conservative when it comes to public displays of affection. Holding hands and small pecks to the cheek is okay, but anything beyond that is considered rude behaviour. It is all about respect like with everything else.


Visiting Asia and meeting up with your Asian girlfriend, you need to be aware of what you should and shouldn’t do. If you follow the 5 tips we have provided you will have success.