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On September 29, 2015
Last modified:February 5, 2019


This title may come across off putting. Let us explain what is meant here. Of course there are plenty of amazing, smart, kind, beautiful and giving Russian women but there are also some types that just do not have good intentions. Especially towards men who are very interested in dating them online. This article lists some negative types you should be able to recognize and steer clear from.

1. The Gold Digger

Online: Noticing a gold digger online isn’t difficult. She(assuming that it is a “she” in the first place) will eventually ask for money. The cardinal rule of online dating is that under no circumstances should you send a stranger money. Not even a small sum. The right thing to do when someone asks you for money is to report them to the customer Get a Russian Girlfriendsupport team. Usually these people get a ban for life.

Offline: It is more difficult to tell if someone is a gold digger if you are meeting offline. Something that you should know about the Russian culture: gift giving is very acceptable. Remember this fact so you don’t mistake someone for a gold digger if they expect small gifts from you. If the woman you are dating is really interested in you and not your money then she will be perfectly happy with a small teddy bear or some flowers. If someone constantly expects expensive gifts then you should probably leave the situation.

2. The Dependent Kind

Online: When you are talking online with this kind of a woman, then you will notice that she is constantly asking for your approval or your advice with something. She also complains far too much. It may sound harmless but you can bet it will get very tiring very soon. There are people who confuse online dating with talking to a therapist.

Offline: In Russian culture it is somewhat acceptable for women to be dependent on their men but constant complaining is a NO-NO.

3. The Party Type

Online and Offline: In both worlds, these ladies have no interest in pursuing a serious relationship. They are much morel likely looking to have a great time. They are usually young and looking for an older man who can help them maintain the carefree lifestyle that they are used to. To be blunt: they are looking for a sponsor. If you are not looking for something serious(which most men in online dating are, believe it or not) then this may actually work out for you. But be sure you are okay with a short term fling.

If you are looking for a serious relationship with a Russian lady than keep away from this type. Be upfront with the women that interest you. Ask them what they see their life being like in 5 or 10 years time.