We want children, but my husband struggles to climax through intercourse

We have worked around the problem and had a fulfilling sex life. But now we are trying for a family, it has become an issue, yet he refuses to discuss it

My husband and I have been together for eight years. Throughout our relationship, he has struggled to reach climax through vaginal intercourse. We worked around this and have had a mutually fulfilling sex life. But now we are now trying for a family, it is causing problems. I have tried many times to talk about it with him, but I have been met with a blank refusal.

A sexual impasse can occur even between even smart and cooperative couples. Sometimes, unconscious motivations can block progress. For example, if either you or your husband have an unresolved traumatic childhood issue, it could be an underlying reason to avoid actions that might lead to producing a child – perhaps as an unconscious protective mechanism. And your husband’s defensiveness could be a consequence of fear or anger.

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Alex Vidal