This article is for guys who are interested in seriously dating Chinese women and eventually getting a Chinese girlfriend. What does it take for a Western man to be successful with dating a Chinese lady? The first and perhaps the most important thing is to learn as much as you can about what the local dating culture is like. Would that even suit you in the long run? What are your good and bad sides and how do they fit into this culture that is so new to you?

There are both upsides and downsides to everything, and if you want to be successful, sometimes you need to learn to cope with the downsides. Let’s take a look at what are the biggest pros and cons of having a Chinese girlfriend:

PRO 1: Most of the ladies are after the simple life.

Chinese girlfriendThat is how they are brought up. You get through school, get a job, start a family and then take care of them. That is what most Chinese women are looking for in life – a family and a loving husband. Most of the ladies are also ready to stay home to take care of the kids and the household. Chinese culture is still very traditional so you can bet that a lot of gender roles still apply.

CON 1: You are viewed as a huge success.

And by a huge success, we mean that you are expected to be financially successful. That is the perception most Asians have about the Western world. Whoever is from there much have money. This is something to think about, should you suffer a setback, you are pretty much on your own with that issue.

PRO 2: Honesty is important.

You don’t have to impress anyone and be someone you are not. Honesty is highly valued in the Chinese culture. You can be sure that your partner is truthful with you about whatever is going on with them. That is a great thing to build trust on.

CON 2: People who aren’t sincere.

Unfortunately, there are still people who are looking to take advantage of online daters. Be mindful of people who are asking too much personal information or straight up ask you for money. Report them to the site’s authorities. Usually, they get a lifetime ban from the dating portal.


This concludes part one of the list of pros and cons of having a Chinese girlfriend. Search for more information about the Chinese dating culture online and visit back soon for part two.