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On April 20, 2019
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This article shows you how to impress your date on the first date.

After you have met a great woman on an international dating site and have formed a great long-distance relationship, it is likely that you are planning to meet her in person. When meeting with your date for the first time, there are so many things you have to think about and many plans that you have to make. You both have to clear your schedules for your meet-up, and one of you has to make travel arrangements. With all of this to think about, it can be easy to neglect one of the most important things, which is impressing your European date. The first date is your chance to really get to know each other, and see what it is like to be around each other. Impressing your European date doesn’t have to be hard. You only need to do a few simple things to make your first date a success.

Do Something that you will Both Enjoy

When planning your first date, one of the most important factors is the location. You want to take your European date somewhere that she will enjoy. Unlike regular first dates, you will already know things about your date from your conversations online, via instant messenger, and through your conversations on Skype. This means that you should know, generally, what she likes to do. For example, if she likes Italian food, you could take her to an Italian restaurant. Always consider her interests when you are planning your first date.

Make an Effort with your Appearance

When going on a date, always make sure that you look neat and well groomed. If you show up looking sloppy and messy, she will think that you can’t even be bothered to make an effort. She will likely think that if you can’t even bother to make an attempt to impress her on your first date, then you mustn’t really care about her that much.

Take an Interest and Listen to Your Date

A problem that many people have when they go on a first date is that they talk about themselves too much. Most men, when they go on a first date try to impress their date, and to try to seem interesting, they talk about themselves a lot. While talking to your date is important, so that you seem enthusiastic and so that there are no awkward silences, it is best to ask your date about her interests and her life. If she asks you questions about your life, then talk about yourself, but otherwise, stick to talking about your European date and her interests. If you do this, and listen to what she has to say, she will see you as a person who is really interested in her. She will see you as a caring person, rather than a self-involved person.

Don’t Try too Hard

The final thing that you should do to impress your European date is try to be relaxed and easy-going on the date. It is perfectly natural to be nervous on a first date, especially when the person is from another country, but she will be nervous too. Don’t try to act differently to impress your date. Instead, just be yourself. Keep the conversation and the tone of the date, relaxed and easy-going. This will put both you and your date at ease, and make both of you feel more comfortable.

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