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Stan Griffin

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On June 25, 2020
Last modified:June 30, 2020


This article tells you about three key elements of a good online dating profile.

When you join an international dating site, one of the most important factors is your profile. If you don’t have a good, interesting dating profile, you likely won’t attract many women. With online dating, your profile is highly important. An effective online dating profile will make women want to get to know you better. A bad, sloppily written online dating profile will put women off of contacting you. All dating profiles are different, as people are different, but good, effective international dating profiles all have key elements, which make them successful.

Avoid Clichés When Creating International Dating Profile

When you are writing an online dating profile, you want it to be unique. You want your profile to stand out. International dating profiles that are generic, and use clichés don’t stand out. When a woman sees a generic profile, she will likely not bother to read all of it and she will most likely not bother to contact you, let alone date you. Avoid using tired, overused or clichéd phrases, that people frequently use on their profiles. Generic phrases, such as “I’m fun and adventurous”, “I enjoy both going out with friends and cosy nights in” and “I enjoy candlelight dinners”, should all be avoided. While these statements may be true, they are overused, clichéd, as well as bland and boring. They don’t really tell women anything interesting or unique about you.  If you enjoy eating out, then say what particular cuisine you like, rather using a generic statement. If you think that you are fun and adventurous, don’t just write that generic statement. Instead, explain how you are fun and adventurous.

Be Honest, but Only to a Certain Extent

When people create their online dating profile, they either lie and brag about themselves, or they are too honest. Unfortunately, people don’t find a middle ground between the two. A good dating profile is one that is honest, without over-sharing. Stating that you have been married before is a great way to be honest with a potential date. However, if you go into all the little, gritty details of your divorce in your profile, it will put women off. Similarly, don’t go into detail about problems at work or any issues that you may be having in your life. Also, don’t talk about sex or medical issues either. You can wait until you are dating a woman to go into more detail about your life. You should never lie on your online dating profile. While your dating profile should show you in a good light, and highlight the good aspects of your personality, it shouldn’t be dishonest. You want a profile that shows who you really are, without over-sharing.

Be Positive, not Negative

A good online dating profile should be positive. Your dating profile should highlight your best features. While it is OK to be a little self-deprecating, dragging yourself down and criticizing yourself in your dating profile, won’t make women want to contact you. You should never be negative in your profile. Don’t talk about your insecurities and bring up your faults. People won’t respond well to this. Instead, highlight your good points, without bragging. It is okay to make a few, funny, self-deprecating remarks about yourself, but make sure that they are humorous. Overall, try to keep your profile positive.