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On January 30, 2016
Last modified:January 30, 2016


There are so many online dating portals these days that offer international online dating services. For men interested in dating Asian women this is fantastic. A lot of them rush things though and get into it without learning anything about Asian women beforehand. Doing that can quickly blow your chances with them – you need to be smarter.

The article at hand offers valuable information about the Asian dating culture. Remember these tips:

1. Don’t be too agressive.

Asian womenThat works great in the West, but Eastern women are much different. If you apply the aggressive approach you can simply scare the women you are interested in away. Don’t send too many messages, don’t be forceful for setting the time for the first date, don’t brag about how much of a badass you have been in your life.
Take it down a notch and focus on making her comfortable.

2. Keep it simple.

The second tip is about language. Asian women usually have a great education but they may not get a lot of practice with English. If this proves to be a significant problem, then you can use the help of translators. If not then just focus on keeping it simple and do your best to be patient.

3. No pick-up lines.

They may be almost second nature to someone who has dated a lot but remember – things get lost in translation so don’t even go there. Respect is key to Asian women, and you don’t want to mess things up. Even if you think you’re just cute with some lines. Jokes should be a no go at first as well.

4. Don’t send money.

The cardinal rule of online dating is that you don’t send any money to someone you just met online. When you are bombarded with sad stories that say only you can help solve things, then look the other way. You are most likely dealing with a scammer.


Online dating Asian women can be a lot of fun if you go about it the right way. Make sure you do some homework and also remember the tips we provided. Good luck and come back soon for more Asian dating tips.