For some reason, it is much easier to make life-changing decisions when we are in love or there are other big emotions involved. Also, these decisions are easier to make when you are dating online and perhaps looking to date a Chinese woman. Or you have already begun dating and you are thinking of taking the next gigantic step – the one towards marriage. In this article, we take a look at what are the most Chinese womanimportant things to keep in mind when wondering if you should marry a Chinese woman.

1. Spending Time Together

We mean face-to-face. Going the old school way and meeting up. If you have only been talking online for hundreds of hours – that measures up to around ten full days. Is that enough? Stay realistic and know that writing a lot of letters of spending time video chatting – nothing compares to when you see each other in the real world and see how you truly feel about one another.

2. Where in The Relationship Are You?

Have you both agreed to be dating exclusively? That is probably the most important thing to figure out before any proposals get made. Definitely prior to travelling to the other side of the globe like a lot of guys do. Make sure you know where you are at so that there are no negative surprises to anyone. Plus your relationship needs to be tested to see if it lasts through the hard times.

3. Cultural Differences

In international dating, there is nothing else that breaks up couples more than the cultural differences the people have. Do you know if your chosen date adjusts to new circumstances easily? Find that out, especially when she would be the one that moves to your country. Can you adapt to her culture? Do you have many differences between your religions? All of this needs to be considered before marrying a Chinese woman.