Anyone can make an online dating profile. It is so easy to so-called catfish someone that it poses a serious problem for people who are serious about online dating. Unfortunately, there are thousands upon thousands of fake profiles, and it is vital to know how to detect them. A lot of profiles in Asian dating aren’t even an Asian woman’s profile but of a male scammer. Follow these tips to protect yourself from malicious people:

1. Ideal Description, Ideal Photos

Asian womanIf the Asian woman you’ve been talking to on the web says that she is a doctor or a lawyer with a lot of success in her field, and she also looks like a model, then it is very likely too good to be true. Of course, there are exceptions, but the majority of Asian ladies who are wealthy marry the men their parents have picked for them. If they happen to be dating on the side then it isn’t probable they share too many details about their life on the profile.

2. “That Seems Familiar…”

That applies to people that have been involved with dating online before and have signed up on several sites. It is typical that you set up similar accounts and don’t radically change things like what you do for living on what your ambitions are. If something seems too familiar to you, then it is best to back off from that person.

3. Body Proportions

A very tall and skinny or tall and very curvaceous Asian woman sounds a bit unrealistic. Here we can also find exceptions, but most Asian ladies are petite and on the shorter side. Plus how many of the perfect women would be online looking for love anyway? They are probably too busy ducking guys in real life.

4. Outdated Pictures

Age is the most common thing lied about online. There is a factor of anonymity, and that leads some online daters to think that they can get away with it. Little do they realize that if things get more serious and they are to meet a person they have been talking to, everything will be out in the open.