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On July 22, 2015
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Dating women from Asia has always been very popular. Nowadays perhaps even more so because now there are plenty of online dating services around that allow men from Western countries to connect to these beautiful ladies. There are some obstacles with dating someone from another culture and the obvious thing is the multitude of cultural differences. What is normal in one country is absolutely unacceptable in another. So in order to help you out we have put together an article detailing what your approach to dating these women should be.

dating women from AsiaThere is a lot of literature on this matter out there but almost all of the info is full of suggestions on where you should go and there isn’t nearly enough info on what could go wrong on the date. What are some of the things you could accidentally do and therefore mess up the date? Knowing what to avoid is vital for the success of the date. Here are 3 tips:

1. Do not assume that all Asian women are the same.

Typical western attitude. Lots of people still think that Asian cultures are all the same and the way people live is the same as well. You couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many more nations in Asia than you could dream of an they all have their own history and traditions. The best way to go about things is asking your date many questions about her country. Who doesn’t love it when someone shows such a deep interest? If you happen to know which county she is from you can do some research beforehand as well.

2. Avoid the topic of sexuality altogether.

This would end your date right away. Sex before marriage is usually a taboo subject in Asia and the topic of sex is not something that is openly discussed. It would be a huge mistake for you to bring something like this up on your first dates. Know that when you are dating Asian women you will become exclusive very soon but it won’t mean landing in bed right away. You need to be very patient with these ladies. Telling jokes that are of sexual nature will be offensive to her so tone it done.

3. Don’t ask her to pay.

It is only polite for you to pay on the dates. This doesn’t mean you are expected to be wealthy and that you need to show off your money. It is just something that Asian cultures are used to. You are the man – you pay for the dates. Men are also the heads of the household so when you are dating these ladies be assertive and confident.

Remember These Tips

If you follow these 3 great tips then your dating Asian women will go smoothly. As mentioned before you can do more research online. The more you know, the more you can impress her with.