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On January 8, 2016
Last modified:February 5, 2019


We all have heard stereotypes about different races, and Asian women are no exception to that. Some stereotypes are positive and others negative. Dating the person is what gives you a good idea about which stereotypes are true and which not but until that time comes: we have put together a small list of some that are accurate.

1. They work hard in school.

Asian womenThis is a very well known stereotype that has a basis in reality. Education is a priority in Asia. Social status is entirely irrelevant – getting good grades and passing with flying colours is a must. Asian parents put a lot of pressure on their kids because of these high expectations.

2. They work hard at their job.

Another broad spread stereotype that is true. Note that this stereotype applies to both men and women, and it is a source of pride for them. Great work ethic is an absolute must. Follow this principle and you will be respected in their culture – everyone can learn from their excellent standards.

3. Good at chores.

Asian countries are still very conservative, and women are expected to know their way around the household. Their “training” in this area starts at a very early age. There is some influence from the Western world, but it still hasn’t changed the traditional views in Asia.

4. They are nerdy.

Asian girls are known to love comic books, video games, Hello Kitty, cute clothes and so on. That isn’t in any way negative. Nerdy can also mean a science nerd – nothing wrong with being interested in how the world works.

5. They love a good bargain.

Another stereotype that has truth to it. The love for bargains probably stems from the fact that so many replicas and counterfeits of popular brands originate from Asia and especially in China. These ladies have had a lot of experience with going after what they want.


Naturally not all of these apply to all Asian women. You have to get to know the individual before you can get a clear picture of who they are as a person. Come back soon for more articles about the Asian culture.