My husband is a recovering alcoholic and is uninterested in sex

He sleeps in a separate room and isn’t even interested in cuddles

I am 58 years old and my husband is 56. We have been together for 15 years. He has never been that interested in sex, but in the last three years or so, our sex life has been non-existent. He usually sleeps in the other room and he is not even interested in cuddles. He is a recovering alcoholic, and has recently started attending AA meetings.

Your final sentences are the most relevant. It is crucial for you to try to understand what connection there may be between his lack of interest in sex, his refusal to provide affection, and his alcohol abuse. You might glean insights about this through joining Al-Anon. While I understand that you are sad, in the very early stages of his 12-step programme, it might be better not to push him too much.

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Alex Vidal