My friend told me not to freeze my eggs and now I'm childless

Blaming your friend for a decision you took in the past will not solve your problem. Channel your anger into tackling your possibilities for conception

The dilemma At the age of 35, I was single and childless, so I considered egg freezing. I found a clinic, sorted out transport and worked out costs. But before I went ahead I spoke to a close friend who strongly warned me against the idea. She stated removing eggs from your body and storing them in a freezer was silly. I respected my friend as she had been through many fertility treatments and so I cancelled my appointment.

I am now 40 and after meeting a very special man am struggling to conceive. My gynaecologist asked me why I had not frozen my eggs and I find myself furious with my friend. I am struggling to forgive her for her catastrophic advice.

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Alex Vidal