My ex recently broke up with me but already has a new boyfriend

I’m distraught to think she lied about her reasons for our break up or moved on to someone else immediately

My girlfriend ended our relationship in January. She felt we had grown apart and she was unhappy with her work/life balance. She said that although we had been happy, she was in a different place, but hoped we could be friends. In February, she unfriended me on Facebook. Her WhatsApp statuses showed she had been on holiday. I discovered she is now in a relationship with one of her close friends, and they had been on the holiday together. She unfriended me so I wouldn’t see this new relationship. I have disconnected from her on all messaging platforms and she and her new boyfriend are unaware that I know about them. I’m distraught to think she either lied about her reasons for breaking up, or moved on to someone else immediately. I’m trying to move on, but thoughts of them are upsetting.

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Alex Vidal