My ex-best friend is threatening to expose my private messages | Mariella Frostrup

Two women who work together have fallen out – now one says she is going to reveal their texts. Mariella Frostrup on internet indiscretion

The dilemma My (now ex) best friend and I work for the same organisation. In September she resigned, but I got a new senior position so offered her a role on my team, which she accepted. From day one she came in late, was texting all the time, didn’t do any work and was rude. Over time she became more abusive – belittling and undermining me. She even stole a gift from my boss and re-gifted it to someone else. I’ve tried to coach her to understand the issue, but with no joy. Now she’s leaving and threatening to reveal our WhatsApp messages – moaning about our firm and our leader, like friends who work together often do. I feel held to ransom. I honestly believed that those messages were off limits. I’m worried they will ruin my career.

Mariella replies Off-limits? There’s a quaint 20th-century idea! As a senior employee at a big company you should know better than most how much of our private lives are on the menu for public consumption these days. So little of our existence remains our personal domain and even more terrifying is the knowledge that we are passively strolling towards ever greater exposure.

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