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On September 1, 2015
Last modified:February 5, 2019


Far too much stereotyping takes place and it distorts our view of certain cultures. Some misconceptions are borderline offensive while others positive and have some truth to them. The idea of this article is give answers about what is true and what isn’t true in the Asian dating culture. This will help you a great deal if you are interested in dating Asian women.

1. All Asian women are submissive (and therefore make great wives).

While it is true that most Asian countries are still very conservative when it comes to gender roles, the modern times have still kind of caught up too. The ladies are most likely influenced by the traditional culture they grew up in and yet may be very interested in getting a great education and pursuing a career.
When it is time to have a family, the majority of Asian women stay home with the kids and are happy to do so. Later, when the kids are bigger they may enter the workforce again. Some women remain housewives because the family’s financial situation allows it.

The title of this point can be dismissed. There ladies care about their family and also their own personal lives. No way can you call them submissive.

2. Asian women want a foreign husband so they can move to the West.

This is another misconception. Asia itself is seen as a place where not too many people want to live. Westerners have an idea that these are all third world countries and the women are just dying to get out. It isn’t true for the most part. You can find some women in every country that would be interested in exploiting others. It isn’t the case for everyone.

3. All Asian women are sweet, innocent and shy.

This just shows how much movies influence our thinking. It is the western media that depicts these ladies as quiet, modest, shy and easily led. They are made to look childish. While you can find some women that are like that, it doesn’t extend on everyone. It is a common mistake to put all Asian women under one label while they are just as different from each other as women from other countries.

4. Asian women are so easy to get into a relationship with.

Yet another misconception and it seems to stem from the previous point where we clarified that Asian women aren’t all shy and cute. These women were raised in a very traditional and conservative culture. It has greatly influenced their way of thinking. Not only are they careful about who they date, they also take their family’s opinion into consideration. Doesn’t sound so easy now, does it?


This concludes our list of common misconceptions people have about Asian women. If you are serious about dating them, then do more research on your own. It will guarantee you luck in your dating life.