Meeting Chinese women on the web is very easy since there are so many dating sites that offer the necessary services. However, meeting Chinese women offline is a totally different. Not to worry though as it’s definitely something you can enjoy and be successful in as long as you are aware of how you need to behave. It is important to remember that the Chinese culture is much different from your own. Here is a little list we’ve made of ways you can get together with Chinese women offline. chinese women

1. Meeting through an inner circle.

If you’ve already done some research on the web this point won’t be too surprising to you. In the Asian cultures it is much more common to first hang out with a bunch of friends before you go on a date where there is just the two of you. Ask several people that you both know to go to movies or out to dinner before you approach her.

2. Dating parties or Singles Nights.

These kinds of events are quite popular in that part of the world. It is a great way to meet someone since you don’t have to make tons of excuses as to why you are approaching a Chinese lady. Note that you must have some inside intel to know where these parties are taking place. As we already mentioned the within-the-circle approach is very common with the Chinese.

3. The streets.

This sounds incredibly corny but pretending to be lost on the streets and asking for help can work sometimes. You may be surprised by how nice and helpful these women are. Ask for directions to read the Chinese characters on a sign. This will help you break the ice and you can ask her for a cup of coffee to say thanks.

4. Going to a language school.

This works out perfect if you’re already interested in learning a new language and this is great for a couple of more reasons. You get an insight into this culture and get valuable information on how to behave over there. There is also the element of meeting new ladies that you can learn the language with. It is very impressive when someone takes on studying a language that is this complicated. Making an effort here instils trust.

5. The night scene with clubs and karaoke bars.

Sound very stereotypical but you can target pubs, night clubs and karaoke bars to meet with these ladies. Keep in mind that you can find some ladies that hang out at these places with the intention to meet foreign guys to exploit them. It’s the typical white American guy problem that you can encounter. Have some conversations and trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right – move on.

We hope this list has been helpful to you with how to meet up with Chinese women offline and that you return for more dating tips we’ve got coming up.

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