Lonely? It’s time to brush up your intimacy skills

Improving our ability to be more intimate in relationships is just another skill, like learning a language, says the neuroscientist Giovanni Frazzetto

Giovanni Frazzetto speaks with a thin voice, barely louder than our footsteps; we are walking around St Stephen’s Green in Dublin. To hear, I have to lean in. At first I think he’s shy, but he’s an intimacy expert so maybe talking quietly is a device to bring us closer. After all, there is a loneliness epidemic and Frazzetto is on a mission to make human beings do intimacy better.

To this end, his new book, Together, Closer: Stories of Intimacy in Friendship, Love and Family, examines the way humans relate to each other across a spectrum of relationships from parent-child to platonic friendships and, of course, romantic love. Frazzetto, a research fellow at Trinity College Dublin, is a cross-disciplinary neuroscientist. He wants to explain the neuroscience behind the way people relate to each other, to explain why we behave as we do.

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Alex Vidal