Laurie Frankel: We adopted by choice not necessity

When Laurie Frankel and her husband decided to have a child, they also decided to adopt – out of choice for, as far as they know, she is perfectly capable of having a child. It’s a decision she wishes more people would make

My grandmother liked to gamble. We would go to Atlantic City sometimes and sit together at the blackjack tables while she smoked and patiently explained strategy to me. It was fun to be doing something she enjoyed, fun to go out to dinner and eat the pickled tomatoes that came to the table with the menus, but I didn’t care for the gambling. There is enough in life that is annoying and imprecise and ill-defined without a single card that might be a one but could just as well be an 11. I offer that not moralistically, just personally. Personally, gambling is not my thing. This might be why I was so torn about having a child.

But one moonlit night on a white-sand beach in Florida, while the surf crashed in the background and my beloved and I murmured to one another adoring, awe-inspired, faithful declarations of love, a baby happened anyway.

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Alex Vidal