the oneMeeting ‘the one’ is something that everyone strives to do. We all want to meet that one person that not only ticks all the boxes but who also ignites a fire inside us, gives us butterflies and makes the stresses of day to day life fade away into insignificance. That elusive ‘one’ has been immortalised in love songs, plays, films and stories since the beginning of time and everyone has an idea in their mind of who ‘the one’ will be, but in reality how do we know when we have found them? There is no lightning bolt from the sky, no angelic choruses or halo of heavenly light following them around, we have to trust our instincts. Many people talk of love at first sight. That feeling that you’ve met this person before. Read on for three key indicators that you have been hit with cupid’s arrow.

You get butterflies when you think of them, see them or touch them.

While this may not be the manliest thing to admit to, it is a very normal reaction to have when you are in love, or falling in love with someone. Go with it and enjoy it, these early stages of romance don’t last forever so make the best of it while it lasts.

You Are Not Interested in Anyone Else

It is human nature to survey your options and look at other beautiful women, but when you meet the one, you may find that this behaviour decreases or goes altogether. You will find that you lose interest in the prospect of anyone else and that you only have eyes for your lady, and believe me, she will be feeling the same.

Nothing Else Really Matters

The car got a puncture? So what. Lost your job? Who cares? Being in love and discovering the one can take over your emotions in such a way that day to day events will start to take on less meaning. All you will care about is your lady, her well being and when you will get to see her again.

Being in love is a beautiful thing, and you must be sure to enjoy every second of it. The key to keeping the spark alive as time passes is to remember these first heady days and how it made you feel. That way you will never be complacent and let the flame go out.