Before you sign up to any online dating portal, you need to know what criteria to follow so you would have a good experience. There are hundreds of different sites out there. So how can you tell Which is the best one? We have put together a small list that you should use:

1. Read the reviews(both positive and negative).

romantic getaway in AsiaThe number one thing to do is to check what users of the site think. The reliability of any site can be determined by that. Note that all online dating sites have negative reviews. Some of them for legitimate reasons but plenty can be based on frustration over not finding a mate. Or they could be reviews of any particular site’s competitors.

Don’t get discouraged if you see negative reviews. Just make sure the majority of the comments are positive.

2. The website has a tough anti-scam policy.

Next thing to do is to check that the site has a reliable anti-scam policy. That means money-back-guarantees, background checks for the women, tough verification methods, and so on. Read the terms and conditions to make sure they keep personal information private.
Never sign up to an online dating site that doesn’t have an anti-scam plan.

3. The services and features.

After making sure that the portal has an anti-scam policy, take a look at the services they offer. Which features would you need? Do you need a site that offers translation services? One that arranges meetings? A portal through which you can send flowers? Determine what you thnk you need for a successful online dating experience and find the site that has the features.

4. The website has been around for a while.

By far, one of the best ways to know if you are signing up to a high-quality online dating portal is how long it has been around. Read about the site’s history. If they have been performing well over the years or even decades, then you are surely in the right place.