I’ve fallen for a man who has lost his wife but he no longer wants to see me

After three months together, he suddenly called it off saying that he wasn’t ready to move on. I’m devastated – what should I do? Annalisa Barbieri advises a reader

Last year, I signed up to a cycling holiday abroad. I hadn’t cycled seriously for two decades. I fell in love with the country I went to, fell in love with cycling again and started to fall in love with a fellow cyclist. He’s a family man whose wife of three decades died just three years ago. On the holiday, he was always on hand to see that I was OK but was also ready to help anyone who had a problem. He seemed a very positive man.

We started to date, and text, on our return to this country and spent many happy weeks together. We were happy together and grew close very quickly. We met each other’s children and grandchildren. He invited me to birthday events, to share Christmas with him and talked of this year and the one after. He even suggested we would grow old together. I was thrilled to find someone I could get on with so easily.

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Alex Vidal