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On August 15, 2015
Last modified:February 5, 2019


Most guys have an idea of what kind of woman they want to be in the future – she must have a perfect body, a beautiful face and beautiful hair, she should know how to cook and take care of them. Everyone has their own idea but in general most people have an understanding that their future partner should possess specific traits that make them “wife material”. We have made a small list of the most important traits:

1. She’s interested in taking care of the home

It sounds very sexist in today’s world but the truth is that most women want to create a family and fill their roll in the household. Many things can be done together but there are some that can’t. Some things don’t show any sign of changing. Most of the women will want to stay at home with the kids while you go to work to provide for the family. There are a lot of women in Russia that prefer their future to be like this and are happy about it. East European Women

2. She is responsible

Meaning she is able to make good decisions and be responsible for consequences since things don’t always go right. She is able to look after herself, she is smart with her money and doesn’t need a lot of help from you. If you feel as if you want to be the one that takes care of the finances then that can be worked out.

3. She is emotionally secure

Emotional security is that someone is comfortable with who they are and comfortable with their relationships. For example if you tell her you are going out with your friends, she will be okay with it. She will not make attempts to change you and what she wants is for you to be happy.

Plenty of people haven’t reached this level of security yet but it is important in order to make a relationship last. Note that you, too must be emotionally secure to contribute to the relationship.

4. Your priorities are similar

Since you will be making decisions together as a couple in the future you need to know if your priorities are similar. Are you on the same page and on the same team? It will be difficult at first when you are getting to know each other but this matter must be settled. If she is prioritizing family and you only want to focus on you career there will be problems. Similar priorities mean much less stress for the relationship.

There are more things to take into consideration if you want to see if the Russian woman you are dating is indeed wife material. Do more research on the web and log back on soon for more dating tips.