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On August 2, 2015
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Asian culture is a multitude of cultures not just a single one. Thanks to that the dating culture has a unique flavour. We are used to the western way of dating but should one want to date Asian women they need to learn the game. Here are some valuable tips on what you should know about Asian dating.

1. The Hundred Day Celebrations

Asian datingIn the west we celebrate anniversaries. People usually go out, often to the restaurant where people had their first date. They have a nice dinner and so on. In Asia and in Korea more specifically, couples celebrate their relationship every 100 days. The first of them are celebrated in many different ways and it is a great time to impress people with creativity. It is the time of promise rings, couple t-shirts, bringing each other chocolate and so on.

2. Public Displays of Affection?

This topic wouldn’t even be discussed in the west. However In Asia public displays of affection are not such a common thing. Asian countries are still very conservative and such behaviour is frowned upon. Especially by the older folk. Since Asian cultures are all about respect then people do limit how they behave in public. Holding hands, hugging and sharing pecks on lips is okay but making out is just out of the question. You could offend your girlfriend by proposing that you share a long kiss on the street.

3. Confessing Love

Confessing Love is very popular in Japan. Saying “I love you” very early in the relationship isn’t something that happens in the west. That usually scares the other party and there is no more dating for them. But in some places in Asia and particularly in Japan it is normal that you confess your love first and then ask the person out on a date. And once this happens, you automatically have the girlfriend/boyfriend status. Unlike in the west where you can date and even break it off without ever being girlfriend and boyfriend.

4. Valentine’s/White Days

Valentine’s day is globally celebrated and couples go out on dates. They send flowers, cards with poems, chocolates and other things to their special someone. Plenty of people use this day to propose to their partner. There is an Asian equivalent to Valentine’s day called the White days. Instead of men asking out women it is the women that ask out the men. They do all the sending of cards and chocolates and flowers.


These are a few very important things about Asian dating. Remember these and your dating will go much smoother. Don’t forget to visit back soon for more Asian dating tips.