I love my partner but he says he doesn’t love me back | Mariella Frostrup

Mariella Frostrup says that if a 26-year-old woman’s 61-year-old boyfriend isn’t returning her feelings she should move on

The dilemma My partner is 61 and I’m 26. We have a wonderful relationship and our sex life is great. We both call one another our best friend and talk every day for hours. I love him deeply but he’s told me he doesn’t love me back. I know he’s been hurt in the past. His ex would demand that he said, “I love you too” even if he didn’t. Or ask him exactly how much he loved her, as if it was his duty. He does things that make me feel loved sometimes. He helped conquer my lifetime fear of swimming and sings to me, which he says he’s never done in front of another women. When I ask about his feelings for me he says he likes me an awful lot. I love him unconditionally but it is painful to not know if he ever will love me.

Mariella replies Unconditionally? That could well be the problem. Why would you settle for less than love when you’re putting in everything you have to give? It’s hardly a good investment. How tiresome for him though to have all these women bothering him with questions about the depth of his feelings for them, like bothersome flies on a muggy day.

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