I have fallen for a younger married man but worry I’m heading for heartbreak

He’s 11 years my junior and a fitness instructor, and we get on so well. I worry that if I fall more deeply in love I’ll only be there to offer him what his wife can’t

I was married, but have been separated for 18 months. After failed attempts at online dating, I have fallen for a married man, 11 years my junior. We started out as acquaintances and would chat about health and exercise (he is a fitness instructor), but we became more intimate and eventually we spent a magical morning together. I am a level-headed person and never thought I would be the “other woman” and am flabbergasted to find that this is what I now am. I make it a point to never contact him unless he contacts me first (which is several times a day, even just to say “Hi”). My weakness – besides the great sex – is his good heart. We can chat for hours about nature, our kids, spouses (or ex-spouses) and life in general. I am already a little in love with him, but realise that being more so might lead to heartbreak. I am willing to risk it, but would that mean I would just be there to fulfil the needs his wife can’t?

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Alex Vidal