I am a married grandmother but I feel so lonely | Mariella Frostrup

Let your family know how you feel, says Mariella. Asking for help is scary but the rewards are worth it

The dilemma I am married and a grandmother. I visit a lady in the old age home every week. There I met, yesterday, a woman visiting – but she comes with her friend. I always go by myself. Sometimes I visit people in their homes on Sundays, people with challenges. But… I have no one to talk to. And nothing to do. Meaning I listen to lectures every day. And I walk every day. But relationships with people? Zero. It is a painful and devastating feeling. I could just disappear and no one would notice. Loneliness…

Mariella replies Thank you for writing. I’ve picked out your letter because it is the newest in my inbox, but not because it is unusual. Some weeks I feel like jumping on to a rooftop in a crowded city with a microphone and belting out that Beatles song Eleanor Rigby at the top of my lungs.

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