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This post will tell you how to make a long-distance relationship work.

Many people like the idea of dating European women, but often, they don’t know how they would make a relationship work with someone who lives in a completely different country. There are many ways, however, that you can have a successful long distance relationship with European women. When dating a woman from another country, the main problem that you will come across is that you can’t seem to fit in time for each other.

Sometimes it can seem like having a relationship with someone from a different country is almost impossible. However, with the right planning and with a little effort, you can make a relationship with someone from another country work.

How to Make your Long Distance Relationship with European Women Work

Step One: Look at the Time you Have Available in your Schedule

The first step to making your relationship work with European women is to take some time to write out your basic weekly schedule, if you don’t already have one. She should do this too.

The schedule should include a break down of your activities for each day of the week. For example, on Monday, you should put what hours you work between, and how you typically spend your time before and after work. This schedule does not have to be incredibly detailed, but rather, it just has to include a basic overview of how and where you spend your time each day.

Look at the times in your schedule, where you would be to fit in quality time with your partner. Obviously, things like text messaging and emailing can be done at almost any time throughout the day, so these don’t have to be scheduled in. However, other things do, such as chatting on instant messenger.

Check where in your schedule you would be able to Skype chat, talk on the phone, or talk on instant messenger with your partner. If you have an hour after work, then you could use this time to chat.

Step Two: See Where you can Compromise

Once you have both looked at your schedules, you need to both see where you can make some compromises. For example, if she has a couple of hours in the evening free, after you have finished work, but you use this time to workout, or some other activity, you may have to compromise, and move this activity to another time slot. Making a long-distance relationship work really is all about compromising and making time for one another.

Step Three: Schedule for Each Other, but be Understanding

The next step, once you have gone over your schedule and have determined where you and your partner can get spend some quality time together, it is time to schedule in quality time for each other.

While making a schedule may not seem romantic, it is necessary when you are in a long-distance relationship with European women. This schedule is not supposed to be a detailed plan of your relationship and time together. Instead, it is a plan that includes an overview of all of the times during the week that you and your partner will sit down and talk to each other, on instant messenger, on Skype or on the Phone.

You do not have to schedule time in for texts or emails, as these are things that you can easily fit into your day, without having to clear segments of your schedule. If you and your partner miss a scheduled Skype chat, or instant messaging date, then be understanding of each other.