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On May 6, 2020
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This article tells you how you can act confident with women.

Often on dates with women, men feel a little nervous and even anxious. This is fairly common among men. However, the majority of women like men who are confident. Confidence is a highly attractive quality for women. Unfortunately, many men allow the fact that they are nervous and anxious to show in their behavior on dates. Feeling a little nervous when you are dating European women is perfectly natural and sometimes, you can’t help feeling that way. However, there are ways that you can act confident on the outside, even if you don’t feel confident inside.

Proper Way To Behave In Front Of European Women

Improve your Posture

Generally speaking, your body language and posture can be an indication of how confident a person you are. A person who hunches their back, looks at the floor, or slouches is generally a shy and anxious person, and not someone who is confident in themselves. People who stand slouched, with their arms crossed are trying to blend in. They don’t want to stand out, as they aren’t confident. When you are on a date, even if you don’t feel confident, make sure that your body language and your posture are that of a confident person. When you are walking around with your date, make sure that you stand up straight, and have your chin up. When sitting with your date, don’t fidget in your seat, don’t cross your arms and don’t slouch.

Speak with Authority

When you are talking to your date, you need to make sure that you speak confidently. If you speak passively, and nervously, your date will pick up on this. If you want to act confidently and appear as a confident person, then you need to speak confidently. When talking with your date, make sure that you talk clearly, and loudly. Don’t mumble or mutter quietly when talking. Also, use active, authoritative phrases, rather than passive phrases. If you don’t speak confidently, then your date won’t see you as a confident person.

Look at your Date

When you are talking to your date, make sure that you look at her and make eye contact with her. If you are looking at the ground as she is talking, she will think that you aren’t a confident man. If you look at her, and you make eye contact with her while you are talking, she will see you as a confident man that she wants to be with.

Take the Lead

Confident men often take the lead. They are decisive and take action on their dates. Many European women like men who take the lead on dates. So when you are meeting your date, and she asks you what you want to do on the date, make sure that you have a plan. Of course ask your date what things she would like to do too, but make sure that you have plans to run by her on your date. For example, rather than saying “I don’t know. What do you want to do?”, say something like “I though we could go to that Italian restaurant, or to an art gallery for the afternoon. What do you think?” This type of phrase is authoritative and decisive, but it still gives your date options for the date.