Hey, Love Island, jump into the 21st century – the same-sex action is lovely | Fay Schopen

The contestants’ heterosexual couplings are relentlessly fake, vanilla and vacuous. Some LGBT action would at least make the reality show more real

• Fay Schopen is a freelance journalist

This weekend I battled through vast crowds of ecstatic carousers in Soho – in various states of costume and inebriation – who were revelling in the annual Pride festival, a public celebration of joy, love, and being out, proud and LGBT. I was there for a pre-wedding dinner with one of my closest friends – his Irish long-term boyfriend proposed in 2015, when same-sex marriage became legal in Ireland.

So far so unremarkable. This is Britain in 2017. I’m now engaged to a wonderful man – but have had partners of both sexes in the past. There’s a spectrum of sexuality; we’re all on it at different points.

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