Grit your teeth and struggle through. Is this the key to happy relationships?

It helps if you share the same views on politics, and separate bedrooms can keep it fresh, says one therapist

This may have escaped popular notice, but last week was national marriage week, a celebration of an enduring if seldom untroubled institution. By coincidence or not, several studies were also published that shed light on the state of the nation’s relationships. The first thing to note is that marriage is a diminishing part of cohabitation. Some 6 million people live together in relationships that have not been certified by a church or registry office. That’s double the number of 30 years go.

Like so much else in British society, marriage does not manage to escape the clutches of class. Among parents, close to 90% of the wealthiest sector of society get married, while the figure is less than a quarter among the poorest. The divorce rate, however, is falling, having reached a peak in the 1980s.

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Alex Vidal