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On March 18, 2014
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Five Types of Guys Gorgeous Women Don't Date for Long

Gorgeous women avoid these types of men

While there are many things which could drive gorgeous women away from a particular guy, the following types of men are certain to prove a woman that a guy is not ready for marriage.

  1. Peter Pan

This type of guy is obsessed with computer games, gets overly excited about playing drinking games and orders takeaway pizza or burgers for dinner every night. He gets fired every couple of months and has no ambitions beyond improving his Playstation game score. While it could be fun to hang around with this type of guy for a day or two, he shows no sign of a future since he missed the train to adulthood.

  1. The Ladies Man

While most women wouldn’t mind their partner noticing a gorgeous woman, there’s a difference between admiring beauty and undressing a woman with your eyes. A guy who is constantly looking after each woman who walks past him will only make his date feel like she’s not good enough. No woman wants to fight for attention, at least not all the time so his inappropriate behaviour and sleazy comments will eventually convince a woman to dump him and move on.

Gorgeous Women

  1. Mr. Show-Off

The biggest turn off for a woman is a guy who is obsessed with money, no matter whether he has a lot of it or very little. Being rich and flaunting it is not better from bringing discount coupons to a date or driving around the area for half an hour to avoid paying for parking. Dating is all about getting to know each other and not learning about your bank accounts. There’s nothing wrong with trying to find a good deal if you don’t have money or spending it if you do, but be careful to not let it get in the way of your date.

  1. The Tech Guy

This type of guy always has to have the latest edition of all toys. He spends money on the latest models of the car, the newest phones, a new boat, anything that’s new on the market. With all this to keep up with, a girl may wonder where she fits into all of this. Worse yet, she could end up being replaced by a newer model as well one day. Women are not too crazy about competition, especially when it comes to material things. A guy who is too busy buying these new gadgets will not have enough time to pay attention to his partner, and sooner or later, she’ll be gone to look for someone who can.

  1. The Mama’s Boy

In some cultures, it’s absolutely okay to stay living with your parents after turning 21, but a man who still depends on his mother to take care of him raises a couple of red flags. If she still cooks for him, does his laundry, cleans his room, etc., no woman will want to go out with him and risk taking over the job. Women are looking for a partner, not a man-child.

If you do happen to fall into one of these categories, don’t worry. You could meet a woman who is just as interested in technology as you are or who enjoys taking care of her partner. Still, most women see these characteristics as signs that a man is not ready for a serious commitment yet. It doesn’t mean all these guys are bad, they just need to know what it is about them that puts women off and be ready to change their habits.

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