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This article provides you with first date dos and dont's.

First dates are often fun and exciting. It is chance to finally get to know the woman that you have been talking to in another country, face to face. However, dating European women face to face can be a nerve-wracking experience. First dates can also be stressful and intimidating for some people. Often, men and women are nervous during first dates. They feel as though they have to impress their date, and this often makes them feel, anxious, nervous and even worried. If you feel like this, which many men often do, you can follow these simple first date dos and don’ts to ensure that your first date is a success.

Dos and Don’ts for Dating European Women

Don’t be Arrogant On a First Date with European Women

There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. While all women like men who are confident, they don’t like men who are arrogant. If you are constantly talking about yourself, and bragging about yourself, it will make her think that you are self-involved and that you are not really interested in her.

Do Make her Feel Special

Instead of talking about yourself all evening, which is a common mistake that both men and women make, take an interest in her. Talk about her interests and what she likes. This will make her feel special and as though you are really interested in her. If she mentions a particular hobby or interest that she has, make sure that you ask her some follow-up questions. For example, if she tells you that she is enjoys working out, then ask her what types of workouts she does. Make sure that if you are asking her questions and talking about her interests and her life, that you really listen to what she has to say.

Don’t Drink Too Much

Although having a few drinks while dating European women can help to relax you and put you at ease, going overboard can ruin your date. When people drink it lowers their inhibitions, and often, this means that people don’t act as they should on first dates. For your first date, you want to have full control of your senses and your actions, so stick to having just a few drinks.

Don’t Talk about Certain Subjects

The first date gives you and your date the opportunity to get to know each other better. However, there are certain topics that you should avoid talking about during your first date. Topics that should be left out of conversation until later on in your relationship include politics, religion and what you earn. You want to have a fun, easy-going date. You don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable.

Do be Honest

When you are on a first date, it is natural to want to impress her, but it important that you don’t exaggerate or lie. Be honest while dating European women and she will appreciate it. If you lie on your first date, even if it is a small lie, and she later finds out, it could make her doubt her trust in you.

Don’t Discuss Exes

On a first date, you should never discuss your ex wife or your ex girlfriend for a number of reasons. Firstly, she could think that you are still interested in your ex wife or ex girlfriend if you bring her up in conversation. Secondly, you could sound like you are not really interested in her.