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On August 22, 2015
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This article explains a fun way to spice up your online dating. Finding a Russian date using women's names!

When signing up to a Russian dating site you will discover right away that there are literally thousands of women’s profiles to choose from. That is the reason why the best sites out thee have filters with boxes that members can fill for preferences and then have the website offer them suggestions. This way is very effective and there are also other ways of looking for a Russian date on an online dating site. For example a really fun way to go about it is doing a name search.

Now you are probably thinking how could you possibly tell if the woman is a good match for you if you only type in their name. This article offers a fun guide that you can follow to see what the meanings are behind some Russian names. Obviously this isn’t backed up by tons of studies but it’s still something fun to try out and also works as a great conversation starter with your potential Russian date.

Russian Women’s Names and Meanings

1. Anastasia – This name originally means “resurrection”. The personality of someone named Anastasia is said to be reserved, detached and calm. These ladies are honest, very sensitive and emotional but make sure you don’t see it.Russian Wife

2. Olga – Active, energetic and motivated. This type is seen as very resourceful and interested in bringing attention to themselves. These ladies are very ambitious and love to dress up very well. While it doesn’t happen in every case – they may still often put career before family.

3. Nadejda – Someone who is very intuitive and therefore is capable of sensing other people’s needs and this type also puts other people’s needs ahead of their own. Nadejda’s are seen as wonderful partners, friends and daughters.

4. Ludmilla – Ludmilla’s are seen as very social, pleasant and captivating. They love to talk, even when the conversation is only one sided. A very attractive type.

5. Irina – This name translates into “peace”. They are naturally givers. Irina’s are graceful and can be shy at first. They often believe in traditional values and want a big family.

Uncommon Russian Women’s names

1. Gala – A person with a rather complex personality. They are ambitious, independent and lively. They can be the most confident person in the world one second and turn shy the next.

2. Lyubov – A determined, tough and confident type. Lyubov’s are seen as very competent and well rounded. They are usually very successful, give great advice and make wonderful friends.

Helpful Resources

Isn’t this a fun little experiment with Russian women? The following sites will offer more name meanings plus personal characteristics to help you find your perfect Russian date: