There are many cultures that blend into the Asian culture. All of them have something unique to offer to the world. Among other things, there is also a unique way of looking at dating. Us, Westerners, are used to taking a certain approach to dating so it can get tricky to date someone from a different culture. In today’s article, we are going to take a look at what you need to know about Asian dating.

1. Asian Dating and PDA?

Asian datingThat is a topic that rarely comes up in the West. In Asia, however, public displays of affection are not as common. Asian cultures have remained much more conservative than what we experience. That means PDA is something that is frowned upon. Especially so by older people.
Everything in human relationships in Asia boils down to respect and therefore people are expected to respect norms. If you want to hold hands in public, it is acceptable. Sharing a long kiss is not a good idea.

2. Confessing Love

That is something very popular in some Asian countries. Especially in Japan. A lot of the time, a person first confesses love and then asks the person out on a date. That also automatically grants them the boyfriend/girlfriend status. In the West, we can easily scare someone off when we confess love too early. Usually, that sends them running the other way.

3. White Days in the Asian Dating Culture

White Days are the equivalent of Valentine’s day for us. Couples use this day to send presents, cards, chocolates, and other presents to their soulmate. A lot of people use this time to propose. What makes White Days different is that instead of men asking women out – the women do it.

Fascinating World of Asian Dating

These are only a couple interesting things about the Asian dating world. Come back soon for more articles on everything Asian culture related.