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On December 16, 2013
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Eastern European Dating - Know European Culture

When it comes to Eastern European dating, there is nothing European girls appreciate more than a man who shows genuine  interest in their national traditions. It may sound like a natural thing to know, but most males engaged in international dating know practically nothing about the life in the former soviet republics. Below are some simple ways to learn more about the culture and country of your special lady.

1. Learn her language

No matter which country she is from, you should make an effort to learn a little bit of her language. It will ll greatly improve the communication between you two and will come in handy once you travel to Europe to meet your lovely lady in person for the first time. Look at this way, should things not work out between you two, you will still have this special and unique skill which could benefit you in the future.

Eastern European Dating

2. Learn the basics of her country’s history and geography

If you’re dating a Eastern European woman, it is beneficial to know the landmarks of her country’s biggest cities and it is useful to get to know the critical events that shaped her country and nation. Specific attention should be paid to the district or area your love interest is from. If you don’t know where to start, just go online and browse articles on the internet. You don’t need to know everything about her nation, but knowing more than an average western man does will surely impress your lady and help you understand her better.

3. Make an effort to understand her culture

When it comes to Eastern European dating and international relationships, one of the best things about it is getting to know and experiencd new things like national foods, holiday traditions, etc. Ask your lady how they usually celebrate main holidays in her country, what type of food these celebrations include and what traditions and beliefs are most dear to her. You can also visit some culture events in your local area or read books about European countries.

4. Know the stereotypes

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t take the stereotypes about your girlfriend’s country too seriously. Most women will feel betrayed if the man they love and care about spreads unfair stereotypes like they are the ultimate truth. Below is a list of most common but false stereotypes about Russian and Ukrainian women.

1. All Eastern European ladies on dating sites are gold diggers who are only interested in money
2. Women from countries like Russia and Ukraine are miserably poor and look forward to being saved
3. All international dating websites pay women to chat with foreign guys
4. All East European women are communists.

Of course, one can always find people who represent these stereotypes very well, but it does not mean that all girls from Russia or Ukraine do. If you really want to know more about your girlfriends’s culture and country, do not let these false stereotypes get in the way.

You should really make an effort to know more about the lady you are interested in. Studying basic sentences in her language, knowing things about geography, history and culture are a great way to achieve this. Not only will it help you grow personally, you can also impress your future wife with your knowledge.

Alex Vidal

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