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On October 23, 2013
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Dating Tours Help Men Meet European Women

Meet European women on dating tours

There are tons of different services in Ukraine dedicated to helping single men meet European women. This can be done through a local dating agency or online dating services. More men than ever are trying to find a spouse overseas, so the Ukrainian dating services industry has grown fast, so much in fact, that the agencies are often forced to come up with new services to keep their customers interested. One of these new services is called romance tours – a meeting for potential couples to get to know each other better.

meet European women

If you are a newcomer to the European dating scene, you’re probably thinking that overseas dating is a waste of time. It sounds expensive (usually is too) and time consuming. Flying to Ukraine (thousands of kilometres away from home), seeing the sights, taking tours and meeting women at the same time seems like a crazy idea. This certainly is true, but there are thousands of guys from America and Europe ready to go the extra mile to find wonderful ladies through these tours.

Normally, these romance tours include pretty much everything – from airport transfers to your accommodation to translators and social functions. Dating companies are doing their best in order to provide you with the dating experience of a lifetime. All you have to do is meet the beautiful women from Eastern Europe. The length of each tour is different and will depend on the company you’ve selected. To give you enough time to meet European women and enjoy Ukraine and the social activities, the tours last for about 12-14 days.

There are many beautiful places to visit when you are in Ukraine. It’s a country full of heritage, history and unique tourist spots. Kiev, Odessa and Nikolaev are among the many cities where romance tours have been held. These cities have been chosen because of their stunning scenery, exclusive restaurants and nightclubs and, needless to say, the number of beautiful Ukrainian women close to the area.

There is no standard price for a romance tour as this varies for different organisations, as do the activities on every tour. Expect that the prices range from $2,500-$6,000. Of course, there are special promotions available, like the early bird transaction, for example.

Most customers of the dating companies are from the United States, however there are some non-American clients too. In this case, the guys can buy a sort of a “land only” package which will include all but their flight tickets. In addition to the costs mentioned previously – accommodation, social activities, transfers, etc., the tours can also include special offers like credits for services or membership discounts to the company’s website.

Before you decide on a tour, there are a couple of things to consider. Naturally, the first thing is to make clear what you’re going there for. Is it just to meet European women? Or have you been in contact with someone and are now looking to get to know her in real life? Once you’ve figured that out, everything else is secondary. Next thing to do, find the tour provider that has the most positive reviews. Reading about other people’s good experiences will ensure that you’re signing up for a quality tour. Lastly, determine how much money you are willing to spend. Have an estimated budget. Although most of the costs are already included in the tour, there may be other unforeseeable expenses.

Alex Vidal