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On December 26, 2013
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Dating East European Women - Meeting the Parents

Levels of relationship do not differ even when you date East European women. You start off with the stage where you get to know each other better. Then next you move on to the romantic phase where you become more attached to each other. Then perhaps, after the intimate stage, you would like to be engaged and get married, right? Unfortunately, it’s not a simple as that. Before that can happen, you’re going to have to go through the “meet my parents and my whole family” stage.

Most East European women value close family East European Womenrelations. This is the family that you’re planning to marry into so it’s a big deal and, naturally, you must do everything you can to leave a good impression.

It does sound a bit demanding and stressful, especially if you’re a foreigner, but there’s no need to worry because here are a number of tips you could consider before meeting the parents of your dream woman.

1. Dress Smart

When you date Ukrainian or Russian women, you most likely already know that they prefer men who look appropriately casual but stylish. The same is true with their families. Although they may not be distressed when you pair spots and stripes or different colours in one clothing, what they will be more worried with is if whether you’re good enough for their daughter. Just see to it that you portray your intentions with your image and appearance. Get a haircut or shave if necessary.

2. Follow the Traditions

Bringing gifts is a tradition in most European countries. One perfect gift would be a lovely bunch of flowers for your partner’s mother to win her over. It’s a nice gesture and you’d have to admit that any woman will value a bouquet of flowers any day of the week. For her dad, you can offer a bottle of wine or a pack of nice cigars as a present. Her dad will definitely appreciate such a kind gesture and may even ask you to join him for a couple of drinks later.

3. “Your Daughter is the Best!”

Any mom and dad would be flattered if you let them know how great they raised their children. It’s the same idea when meeting your bride’s parents. Pay their daughter compliments and let them understand why you fell in love with her. This will demonstrate that you know their daughter very well and that your purpose and interests are true.

4. Be Admirable

Don’t worry if you don’t have natural charm, since all you must do to appear charming is to be interested in other people. That’s it! Before, during and after the meal, you have to be active. Don’t be silent, instead, offer to help, askto help, pay compliments, pay cloe attention to what is being said, have conversations and so forth. If you can do that, they will definitely love you.

And lastly, just be yourself. Don’t overdo it and don’t try to fake your way into their family. If you’re a nice guy with crystal clear intentions, your East European woman’s parents will see that and for sure, they will give you their blessing.

Alex Vidal